What Do We Do?

We make sense of the technology that powers your business, whatever your business may be.

At HUB, we design, develop and integrate the key business services of our clients and help to demystify the technology that is used to deliver those services day in, day out.

We can build you a website with data capture forms, then we have those forms submit to your CRM platform, or we can build you an app using Microsoft Kinect to track your heart rate simply by looking at you, and then tell your phone that the rate is too high.

By working with our core services and skills, we develop business applications and technology to improve business operations by making them clearer and easier to understand.

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Core Services

  • Platform-Independent Application Development
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Digital Production and Strategy
  • Website Design and Development

Specialist Services

  • Applications for Kinect
  • Microsoft Enterprise Applications
  • iOS / Android / Windows Phone Development
  • Hosting Infrastructure


HUB Complex Orange Illustration Application Development
Application Development

Tailored exclusively to your needs, we make totally bespoke, platform-independent applications that add value to your business, make your customers swoon and keep you ahead of the competition.

We are Microsoft Partners for business application development and are well-versed with the Kinect SDK for gesture and experiential apps.

Coca-Cola BeActive

 Application Development Coca-Cola logo

HUB Less Complex Green Illustration Application Development
Brand Experience Design

In other words, totally immersive interactive branded environments that engage, educate, delight and downright bloody amaze people. If that’s a bit of a mouthful think interactive installations at festivals, sports events and conferences, way finding systems in airports or stations, or learning environments in museums.


 Application Development bc_logo

HUB Simple Blue Illustration Application Development
Digital Production and Strategy

With your brand needs always at the core of what we do, we’ll provide you with the graphical and animated arsenal to best promote your business and report on the unbridled success of your campaigns.

And what about social? No longer just a nice thing to have, in today’s predominantly online world your business must have a Social Media presence.

Sass and Belle

 Application Development Sass and Belle logo

HUB Simpler Purple Illustration Application Development
Web Design and Development

Our bread and butter. We believe in better living through design, turning your ideas into a brilliant, beautiful customer experience.

You want to deliver the best possible customer experience. We know how.

East London Brewing
Application Development East London Brewing logo

Clients Made Happy

Our clients are our life blood, and we appreciate and value the business that they bring us. In return, we provide them with unrivalled digital services and quality support.

You may instantly recognise some, but not so others. We work for over 120 business and traders ranging from multinational enterprises to start up entrepreneurs with big ideas. We don’t discriminate on size; we simply want to do a great job for all, and we would love to do a great job for you.

HUB Clients
Technology and Support

Underlying our core development services sits a darker, geekier side. With grass roots and considerable experience in enterprise IT, we know our data centres from our hypervisors. Clients benefit from a single point of contact for both their development and hosting infrastructure, and once their product is live, from a fully-managed helpdesk with extended support options.

To help bring you high-quality services, we partner with our friends over at Rackspace and Microsoft to ensure our kit and staff are at the top of the game.

Rackspace Partner Network
Microsoft Partner

Who makes it happen?
Diego Moreira and Mike Staines

HUB is made up of a bunch of creative technologists, some more restless than others, and all are passionate about what they do. Their job is to stretch the limits of possibility at the point where business, technology, design and storytelling intersect.

Mike Staines and Diego Eick Moreira try to lead by example. Mike has worked in digital since the dawn of time, whilst Diego can actually remember the entire contents of all the databases we host on our infrastructure.