L’Oreal E-Learning

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L’Oreal E-Learning

An expedient e-learning platform for exclusive access.

L’Oréal Brazil objective was to improve their portal system where it enhanced the relation with their business consultants.

The idea was for L’Oréal to engage with their business consultants via a portal system which would allow the consultants access to product information and tutorial guides on selling L’Oréal merchandise.



Furthermore, the portal would then systematically create graphs displaying the best sellers monthly, which would then result in them receiving rewards and discounts off various products.




HUB were appointed to re develop L’Oréal web portal system. One of the key challenges was to convert the standardised L’Oréal portal to e-learning portal platform, so it provides up to date and convenient access to users through detailed information and integration.

The portal is called Dermo Consultora, and it’s used by more than 3,000 L’Oréal consultants.

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