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The Reality of HoloLens

The Reality of HoloLens

At the recent E3 games show in LA, Microsoft and Mojang unveiled an innovative new holographic version of video game Minecraft. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens, Mojang demonstrated how holographic gaming can offer heightened levels of immersive interaction and hugely improved capabilities.

Developing on the Edge

The launch of the new Microsoft Edge browser is set to be a major change for web designers and web developers all over the world, with the technology giant finally replacing one of its best known products, Internet Explorer. But how will the release of a major new browser affect the industry?

Exploration and the App

They found themselves drifting wayward in the Pacific Ocean. Nothing guiding them but the commanding currents beneath. Though their voyage from Panama to Peru wasn’t going as planned. They were lost. Falling just short of Inca homeland. However, on March 14th, 1535, Tomas de Berlanga and his crew eventually found land. Moreover, he had discovered the “Enchanted Isles”. Better known today as the Galapagos Archipelago.   Map courtesy of the University of Texas – Originally drafted by the Central Intelligence Agency   No matter what romanticised vision or philosophical spin you put on it, getting lost has always meant discovery. We get ‘lost in the moment’, ‘lose ourselves in the music’ and are always told to ‘go off the beaten path’. Whether literally, figuratively or spiritually, we discover things about the world and ourselves when we least expect it. With the advent of GPS-enabled smart devices and the plethora of review sites, an exact guide to the world is now in every pocket. Our ever present digital assistant pinpoints your exact location and can offer us an optimised route to get wherever we need to go (well, most of the time). Any possible place you can think of has been rated and reviewed. Whether it’s avid members of online communities eager to gain status and authority or stung consumers simply warning others of a terrible experience ahead. Essentially, in this digital age, the world has been mapped a second time. Layer-upon-layer of digital content has been added to what we already knew of the world, mapping not only geography but now experience. So the question remains… Has the art...

Games-based Learning

Ian Livingstone, the man responsible for the ridiculously successful game franchises Warhammer and Tomb Raider, has applied to the Department of Education to launch a Free School focusing on games-based learning.

Making It Wearable

As Intel prepare to announce the winners of their Make It Wearable competition, we thought it’d be a good time to consider what kind of impact wearable technology could have on our lives in the upcoming years. Although some companies have already taken the plunge into creative designs, we’ll also consider future uses of this technology…

Drones, Privacy and the Postman

Drones. Scary huh? Say the word to most people and the image conjured up is one of unmanned flying machines delivering indiscriminate death and destruction somewhere in the Middle East. Mention drone use in a civilian capacity and people will immediately start questioning their use, citing breeches of privacy and human rights.

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