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We love telling stories with technology.

HUB are business application developers based in London specialising in digital transformation, app development and cross-platform, service agnostic integration.

Trade Association CRM Development

The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association, formerly known as the WMA (Wealth Management Association), formerly known as APCIMS (Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers), is a trade association for the financial sector.

Find out how we work with PIMFA to help deliver membership engagement and value through an integrated systems approach.

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Disrupting Disruptive Disruption

More often than not, disruption, in the negative context rather than the hipster “that industry is ripe for…” context, in the technology industry is caused by a change of legislation, and the industry has been talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now for months.

For the trade associations GDPR is the next in a long line of data compliance regulations. Read more about how it should be seen in a positive light.

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HUB is an acronym for ‘helping unify business’ originally conceived when the era of digital transformation began.

Digital transformation, despite what some may believe, is not just about plugging one piece of SaaS in to a public-facing website and hoping that everything runs smoothly. There should be a business case, business processes and information architecture behind the decisions made, with clear goals on what the technology itself needs to achieve.

As platform agnostic digital designers, application developers and content consultants, we focus on understanding business processes before selecting or building the technology. We work out what you need to do (now and in the future) before we choose the appropriate tools for the job.

Our services help our clients to bridge the gaps between previously disparate, separated systems and silos of data.

We help to unify their business. We help to tell their story.

We build the business applications that suit your business processes and goals, or we help to choose and deploy the off-the-shelf options that best suit your business needs.

This may start with your website selling a product. The purchase order may then feed automatically in to Xero Accounting software and then add the customer data to your bespoke CRM for marketing automation.

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Having helped our clients to connect the technological dots, we apply the visual and usability standards required to market and sell products internally and externally.

Our long history of user experience and user interface design for websites and applications ensures your users become your biggest fans, are converted in to sales and are retained.

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