HUB is a technology business…

We use a plethora of different technologies, be they digital, analogue, futuristic or prehistoric, to build applications and experiences for our clients, and to create engaging content for use across the ever-expanding range of channels, media, devices and platforms out there.

…and HUB is a digital agency right?

Whilst some prefer to consider us as a digital agency (and that is ok by us) we prefer to use terminology that describes our mission and defines our tools holistically, rather than a singular type of technology that may be surpassed in years to come. We use the right tools for the job, be they digital or otherwise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients and partners tell their own stories through the use of technology, be they about a fantastic product they have to offer, or digital services we have helped them to design.

We always remember that regardless how you spin it, every story has a beginning, a middle and an end; a goal, a method and a result (maybe an appendix, a prequel, sequel, the analogy of business process design goes on…).

Our Mission

Organic Growth

In a World where every business is seeking investment in the next big idea, HUB favours organic growth through quality of delivery and service and the strength of our core team.

We nurture talent from around the World with our Internship Scheme and aim to build the best possible work-life balance for all of our team members.

Organic Growth

Whilst HUB has been built from the ground up paying for itself, that is not to say that we don’t support the expedited growth of our clients and partners.

We often invest time and money in to start-up businesses initially incubating their products and services through our investment vehicle HUB Ignite before handing over for internal growth.

This way of working has helped us build long-term, successful relationships, not to mention a wealth of diverse, cross-industry experience that we can continue to pass.

The Business

HUB is the trading name of MPS Works Ltd. The business structure, client base and product offering HUB holds today began in 2005 with the formation of the MPS Works brand.

Throughout the years, MPS has unfalteringly underpinned various business vehicles to deliver digital products and technical services to our clients, with many of our clients having been retained more than 5 years (some even more than 10 years – not bad in today’s commercial climate!).

The Business

Case in Point

Goal, Method and Result

The goal may be to help a sales-side business unit in your company to centralise and collaborate on customer data, in order to improve targeting and conversion.

The method may be a CRM that integrates with an e-commerce solution, Office365 and Amazon Alexa; and the result may be time saved, happier customers, lower staff turnover, greater profitability, and not forgetting higher workplace moral as Alexa announces to the whole office your daily successes.

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Values & Principles

Values and Principles

We hold our values close to our hearts. At our core is responsibility, fair treatment and ethical decision making.

We are in a position whereby the products we create can influence the day-to-day life of our clients significantly – hence we take full responsibility for the products and services we create, integrate and recommend, and we support our clients as they use them.

After all, the apps, the websites and the devices will continue to grow and evolve alongside the businesses that use them, and we will be there to help tell the story.

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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

HUB is led by Mike Staines and Diego Moreira, and a senior management team of long-standing colleagues.

The senior team each representing our core skill sets of design, development, content, support and infrastructure, and is backed up by a wider team of design, development and support staff, trusted partners and dedicated consultants.

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