And Special Guests

We partnered with And Special Guests, a unique fashion accessories brand by designer Georgia Vaux, to produce our latest e-commerce website

HUB wanted to create a website design that complemented the brand’s off-kilter style, so we took a bold move by aligning the site left, something reserved to late-90s web interface design.

To keep in line with our “think outside the box” aesthetic, our designers played with how the products would be presented.

And Special Guests HUBAnd Special Guests challenges the usual clean product grid found on most e-commerce site and applied a random (yet purposeful) collage of the products. This created a fun and unconventional way of showcasing the products to compliment the brand mission and encourage exploration of fashion.

And Special Guests HUB

The brand creates an aesthetic and visual message through its blog section and engaging social media presence.  

And Special Guests HUB